Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Yesterday was Gracie's birthday and we had such a fun day! Colie and Joe worked all day so they were going to have a party last night but it was too late for us because it was past the girls' bedtime. Anyway...instead of her being home by herself all day I planned a few surprises. I made up an instagram challenge of things she had to take pictures of all day. I told her to be ready by 10:30 but didn't tell her anything we were doing. When I picked her up I gave her the paper with all the pictures she had to take and then we drove around taking pictures for an hour. She found the G on a mailbox, the R at Babiesrus, A from Barbie, C from Chick-fil-a, I from dish network and E from some kids clothes line at Target.  We moved the prices around at Target to get the 1997...the year she was born. The blonde hair is from her dog Daisy, the blue eyes are her moms, braces on Steve Urkel, her own cute shoes, sparkles on her purse, a BLT for dinner was her something yummy, the 15 was the gas price and then her own self portrait. Such a fun idea...I will have to do this again! So after driving around for a while I told her I was hungry and we stopped at a Mexican restaurant for lunch. When we walked in my parents, Nan, Dane and Nokie were all there waiting for us as a surprise. We had a great lunch and then without any of us saying anything, the waiter came out with dessert to sing her happy birthday. They made her wear a sombrero and a poncho. So funny!
Then we said goodbye to everyone and got in the car and left. We stopped on the other side of the parking lot at the frozen yogurt place and got out of the car and everyone was there too. :) Everyone got a bowl full of yogurt, I put a candle in Gracie's and we all sang her happy birthday in the middle of the store. Thankfully it was empty! :) Then she opened all her gifts from us. 
 Daddy's first time at the yogurt yummy!!
 These two are from Mom...super cute!

From me :)

 She was super excited about the box! More excited about the earrings inside. :)

 Yay!! Gracie is 15!

After lunch we came  back to my house so my girls could nap. When they woke up we dropped them off with my Mom so we could go shopping!!! We went to the mall and got a coffee and window shopped. Then we met up with Dane at the MAC counter so she could get her make up done. Colie surprised her by getting off work early and just showing up at the mall. Gracie was so happy! After her make up was done we all took a picture and Colie took over the festivities from there. It was so much fun getting to be a part of Gracie's birthday! 


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