Saturday, November 19, 2011

Heidi+Scissors=Very Bad!

Even just writing the Title makes me so sad! Last night I was letting Colie try on some of my clothes. My closet is part of my bathroom so we were all in my bathroom. Heidi was playing at the sink and I was talking to Colie when I heard a snip. I looked at Heidi and she had swiped at her hair twice in the back. I was so shocked! I just stared at her. I always have the scissors locked up because Heidi is a little klepto so I have no idea why they were even on the counter! Colie started laughing and Heidi got scared and started crying. I picked her up and took her into her room telling her it was going to be okay. I brushed her hair back from her face and noticed that she got a huge chunk of her bangs right at the root. OH MY GOSH!! Seriously?? My adorable little girl just ruined her hair! She needed her hair cut pretty short to hide all the chunks. She still has a bunch of thin spots in her hair but thankfully Dane made it look pretty cute. She might still need to wear hats a bunch this winter till it grows out! :)
 So this was Heidi before she got to her hair
 This was the huge chunk and little side wisps that she took out of her hair
 And here is her after cut from Dane. She pulled the hair from the back to cover the bald spot in her bangs. 

 So cute...she just looks way older now. :(

Natalie wanted her picture taken too :)

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