Thursday, November 10, 2011

The County Fair

So I grew up going to the LA County Fair every year when I was little. The thing was huge! We walked and walked and walked the whole day looking at all the exhibits, checking out the animals and watching the demonstrations. But...we did not go on rides. The fair was not about rides it was about looking at everything they had to offer. Even though we didn't go on rides we loved going to the fair. I have so many great memories! But Shane didn't do the same thing...the fair was about going on rides for him. When we were dating he took me to the Ventura County Fair and we went on rides. It was so weird...we didn't even look at any exhibits!! Well the fair here isn't as big as the LA County Fair and it's not even close to the Ventura County Fair. It's super tiny. They don't have animals and they don't have exhibits. You could walk the whole thing in about 20 min if that. Shane and I have been taking the girls every year. Usually they just go on the merry go round, check out the petting zoo and get a corn dog. This year though they wanted to go on rides. It was so much fun!! We went for the unlimited free rides hour and they loved it. We started on the big yellow slide. :) Then they went on a finding nemo ride and then a train. Then Natalie wanted to go on this caterpillar ride so they both hopped on. The whole time Heidi was holding on with white knuckles, not looking at us and not smiling. I felt so bad! I just wanted to jump in there and snatch her up! For the rest of the day she was too scared to go on any ride. She would get in the ride and then right before it started she would start climbing out and they would hand her to us. Finally we talked her into a boat ride cause the boat was aqua and then she was fine again. Natalie on the other hand had a blast the whole day. She went on every ride she could. We totally got our moneys worth! We ended the afternoon with yummy corn dogs and lemonade and both girls are already asking when we can go back!
 The Finding Nemo Ride

 The train ride
 The dreaded Caterpillar Ride
  The Bumble Bee Ride and the Merry Go Round

 This is right before she climbed out of the ride
 Then she was happy again. :)
 The last ride of the day 

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Kirk said...

I loved our days at the LA County Fair. It was always a fun family day eating our way through all the exhibits, but it looks like Natalie and Heidi are having just as much fun. I'm sure they will remember our little Fair here with the same fond memories we have. Love you. Daddy