Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day

Sometimes I really love living in Georgia. Yesterday everyone was freaking out because snow was coming. The girls both got out of school early. They even sent Shane home from work early! We stayed home and waited and waited and waited. The snow was 100% supposed to be here by noon but it didn't start snowing till 9! We were also supposed to get 3-4 inches and we got maybe 2. But today...everything was shut down. The girls woke up to everything being white and beautiful and they were so excited. Shane made us pancakes for breakfast and we tried to bundle up the girls as much as possible. One downside to living never have the right stuff when snow actually shows up. The last time it snowed, which was three years ago, I went out and bought winter gear for the girls so that if it snowed again we would be ready. Three years later and nothing fits! Oh well...we did our best!
So first they just wanted to eat the snow. Then they wanted to build a snowman but the snow was so soft it wouldn't stick. Then they wanted to sled so we got Shane's old boogie board out of the garage and let them sled down the super tiny hill in our front yard. They loved it. :) My friend texted me and said they were sledding at the park so we went out to meet them there. So much fun!! I got to use my fancy new lens that Shane bought me for Christmas. I really wanted to sled but I figured that probably wasn't a good idea being 6 months pregnant. :) The kids raced each other down the hill, the dads raced the kids down the hill and they all went by themselves. We pretty much melted all the snow on that hill! They found a bigger, better, faster hill and it was awesome. I had pulled the car around because Natalie was over being cold. Her hands and feet were frozen so we sat in the warm car for awhile. After she warmed up, Heidi got cold and they switched. I sat in the van watching them fly down the hill. I did get a few shots of the fast hill but not many. I saw Heidi fly down and she was going so fast that she flew off at the bottom. Shane did a running head start on his turn and he went pretty fast too. It was just a really fun morning. It doesn't happen very often so we usually make the best of it when we can!

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