Monday, June 17, 2013

Myrtle Beach

We took the girls to the beach for a couple days and had such a good time. I found a good deal and we went right in the middle of the week. The hotel was amazing...super nice! We've been there before but they did some remodeling since last time. They have a great waterpark for the kids to play in and our room had an ocean view. We went for 2 nights and 3 days. Dane and Nokie came with us for the first night. We drove up and as soon as we got there, the girls wanted to hit the waterpark. Nokie loved it! My girls were old enough this year to not need us with them every second so Shane and I got lounge chairs in the shade and relaxed while they played! Then we walked over to the beach and let the girls play for hours. Shane got Heidi to go in the ocean with him. She was diving under the waves  and loving every minute of it! By the next day he had her body surfing with him. :) Natalie had fun building sandcastles and letting me take her picture. (Heidi hates it when I take her picture!) That's pretty much how we spent the whole trip. At the beach, waterpark or grabbing food somewhere. I did happen to take a ton of pictures. I feel like that is my purpose at the beach. Shane and Heidi swim in the ocean, Natalie makes sandcastles and finds shells and I make sure all the memories are captured on film! 

Heading to the beach...YAY!!
 All the girls loved the water slide. Even me!

 Seriously....I love this picture. This kid is getting way too old though and I do NOT like it!! 
 This is as far as Natalie and Nokie would go. :)
 Heidi loved swimming in the ocean after we got her these goofy looking goggles. The salt water didn't get in her eyes or her nose and she just turned into a fish!
 I love this
Cousins :)
 Shane trying to get Natalie to go in the ocean...didn't work!
 Look at that cute girl! 
 Our last morning we took our breakfast out to the beach. It was so nice! 

 The girls like to play a game where they run from the wave before it gets them. 
 I think Natalie pushed Heidi out of the way to get away from the wave. I'm just glad I got a picture...too funny!

 Then Natalie tripped. :)
 The waves washed a ton of baby clams onto the shore. Natalie loved collecting them all until she realized they were still alive and trying to burry themselves in her hand! Then she threw them down on the sand! 

 Shane teaching Heidi how to body surf and Heidi cheering because she figured it out! 
 Sushi at the about fresh fish!! So good!
 Natalie's sandcastle
 The view from our room
 Love these freckles!!
Heading home....they were exhausted! :)

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